Short Films

 A collection of short films, mostly made for class.

The Barrel (2020)

This was scripted, shot, and edited within about 10-hours. For that, I think it comes off pretty good. If I had spent more than a day on this and gotten the same results, I'd start questioning my abilities. I can't act to save my life, but thankfully that wasn't important for half of the film.


A Loaf of Buns (2020)

A short documentary made as an excuse to introduce my classmates to Bundeloafe II. Took me about 15-minutes to actually "shoot", although it took about 4-days (spread across 2-weeks) to edit. The AuraMation name came from a need to have a title card at the beginning for pacing reasons. The actual name comes from something used to promote the 1971 film The Other Side of Madness (reviewed elsewhere on this site). In promo materials, AuraMation was described as a “special cellular film treatment designed to heighten or depress the emotions of the viewer by subliminal monochromatic suggestion.” A lot of PR hype no doubt, but I liked the sound of it.

Reimbursed (2020)

I had the idea for this about a year ago. Saw a Tweet from the QI Twitter account about an American man who was accidentally given several trillion dollars by PayPal. The idea sprung into my head that it might make a good little thriller if that money fell into the hands of an anarchist who wanted to dismantle the world's economy. After writing the first scene I more or less forgot about it until after I'd started my course, at which point I bashed out the remaining three scenes in about 45 drunken minutes. Shot and edited on-and-off over about a month or two, and includes my first purchased prop (the copy of The Communist Manifesto), which makes this my most expensive film to-date with a budget of £3.70.

Bunny Rabbit (2020)

After the tedious production of Reimbursed, I decided to give myself a bit of a break by doing something deliberately stupid, pointless, but fun. I set myself a challenge of getting a short film made, from script to screen, in 24-hours, similar to The Barrel. I wrote a short outline with the intent of being gross, shocking, all-around horrible, then filmed from about midnight till around 3 AM, then spent about 4-hours the next day editing. This thing is the result... let's just say I'm probably not gonna submit this for class. Don't take it seriously, and don't try to find meaning in it, I just wanted to make something stupid and gross. This is pointless by design, that's the point.

       Music credits

  • Simply Falling - Iyeoka
  • Pulse of Terror - Lewis Stern
  • It Came in the Night - A Raincoat
  • Omination - Ron Geesin
  • Psycho Theme - Eric Peters
  • Nightmare - David Fanshawe




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