Bunny Rabbit (2020)

 Bunny Rabbit (2020)

After the tedious production of Reimbursed, I decided to give myself a bit of a break by doing something deliberately stupid, pointless, but fun. I set myself a challenge of getting a short film made, from script to screen, in 24-hours, similar to The Barrel. I wrote a short outline with the intent of being gross, shocking, all-around horrible, then filmed from about midnight till around 3 AM, then spent about 4-hours the next day editing. This thing is the result... let's just say I'm probably not gonna submit this for class. Don't take it seriously, and don't try to find meaning in it, I just wanted to make something stupid and gross. This is pointless by design, that's the point.

       Music credits

  • Simply Falling - Iyeoka
  • Pulse of Terror - Lewis Stern
  • It Came in the Night - A Raincoat
  • Omination - Ron Geesin
  • Psycho Theme - Eric Peters
  • Nightmare - David Fanshawe




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